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Every day you put things down your drain – you flush the toilet, run the shower, use the dishwasher, turn on the garbage disposal and wash clothes with little thought to what happens behind the scenes. 

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Fruit flies can live in our homes year round, but during the summer, these tiny pests begin to grow in population and can become a real nuisance for homeowners. They're incredibly small (3-4 mm) and getting rid of an infestation can be very troublesome.

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Spreading mulch around your landscape is incredibly beneficial for your yard. Mulch beds reduce weed growth around other plants, hold moisture in the soil and let water penetrate the ground more effectively. Evenly spread, colorful mulch also makes a yard appear more organized and maintained. However, different types of mulch have a tendency to attract unwanted pests.

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Have you ever dreamt of having a luxurious, relaxing spa in your very own home? You don’t have to break the bank to transform your bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary! There are several affordable, DIY ways to give yourself the spa experience at home – no remodeling, big budgets or huge time commitments required!

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Living in a climate like Illinois, many people think that our homes are completely impervious to termites. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! While it’s true the drywood and Formosan varieties of termites stick to warmer temperatures, subterranean termites are very active in our state during the spring and summer months.

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We love appliances that do exactly what their name says. Because of its name, a garbage disposal must obviously dispose of whatever garbage you throw at it, right? Not so fast!

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