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Temps in the 40’s overnight, needed a jacket this AM – looks like the cooler/cold weather is coming. This is nothing new to us – happens every year, but maybe this year we all can enjoy the comfort of a warm, cozy home and save money by avoiding some typical costly mistakes.

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As we move from summer to fall, mice become more active in seeking new sources of food, water and shelter. They need an opening no larger than a dime to gain entry. Once they have arrived, your problems can very quickly get out of control. Preventing entry is ideal, but in case you get some………….

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Our thoughts, our plans and our actions are typically programmed to fit in nicely with our daily routines. We go from activity to activity and from day to day with very little change. Occasionally, new situations arise and we adjust accordingly. But are you ready for a home emergency? An unexpected event occurs that requires immediate and effective action on your part. Read on for some helpful hints and tips.

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Most of us are pretty good at regularly changing our furnace filter throughout the winter heating season. But do you think to change the air conditioner filter during the summer cooling season? Like others, maybe you do not even know where the AC filter is located.

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