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Imagine waking up on a January morning and hopping into the shower to start the day. You look forward to standing under a hot stream of water as you relax before beginning your daily routine. Then, you're hit with a freezing blast of ice water – even though you've got the heat turned all the way up! The culprit you're looking for could be a broken water heater.

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The snow and cold are on their way. Plumbing can be a bit more problematic in the wintertime – especially with the danger of frozen pipes. No one wants to have to deal with frozen pipes that might explode, causing damage and costing you money. With this being said, let's talk about how pipes become frozen in the first place and what to do when there is an issue.

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Each year, millions of seniors in America are faced with some tough decisions when it comes to deciding between moving into an assisted living facility or living in their own home as they age. It's no surprise that a vast majority prefer to stay in their homes, but safety and comfort are among the top concerns.

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You know the thing in your sink that makes an angry sound and scares the family pet as it gets rid of the rest of your unwanted food or waste? Well, your garbage disposal needs proper but minimal maintenance to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

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As it gets colder, you may attribute your scratchy throat, dry skin, or swollen nasal passages to the changing of the weather.... but many people can avoid these winter nuisances with a little help! Enter the humidifier.

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It's been awhile since most homeowners in the Stateline have thought about turning up the thermostat, but as we all know, those days will soon be upon here. Many of us look forward to enjoying the comforts of a warm, cozy home when the blustery fall weather returns.

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